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Italian-born artist Daniele Alan-Carter, began his journey in the entertainment industry at 14, showcasing his fiery stage presence and impactful vocals in international theatrical productions.

Shaped by the demands of the theatre, he emerged as a versatile and communicative performer, dedicated to deliver performances that transcend genres and that leave a lasting impression.


Daniele's immeasurable love to connect with people through singing and story telling, allowed him to build a strong relationship with his steadily growing fan base, both through live performances and online.
Today he can count on over 53k followers across his platforms and over 4M views on his online content and through his Journal newsletter where he shares his most intimate thoughts.

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Early Life

Daniele grew up in Mantova, a small town in northern Italy. Since a very early age he showcased a raw connection to music that would make him demand to be played at all times, even before he could speak. But it's only at 8yo, when he attended a live performance of  "Madame Butterfly" by Giacomo Puccini, that he realised that he wanted to become a singer and an actor. He then intensified his studies in Mantova, diving into piano, singing, dancing and acting classes in local institutions. 

His music interests varied from Mozart to Whitney Houston (to today considered one his biggest influences), Elton John and Motown.

While starting his high school diploma in Humanities and ancient literatures, at 14yo comes the first professional engagement. He stars as one of three actors interpreting the lead role of Romeo in a Pop Opera production of "Romeo and Juliet", written by the French-Italian composer Riccardo Cocciante (Notre-Dame de Paris) that opened at the "Arena di Verona" in front of 20.000 spectators.

To this followed other major national productions that Daniele continued to star in whilst finishing with top votes his demanding studies in humanities. 

After graduating, Daniele decided to take a break from performing in order to be able to attend the prestigious  National Academy of Dramatic Arts "Silvio D'Amico" in Rome to follow a BA in Acting while continuing his vocal training separately. 

It's during the course of studies that he landed his first international commitment: he moved to Paris to perform to perform as a lead role in the french production "Le Bal des Vampires", directed by the Academy Award Winner Roman Polanski.

After two years in France he then moved to London to further his possibilities in the industry, where he continued to work in theatrical productions, both nationally and touring, that brought him to bag over 1000 live performances on some of the most prestigious stages in the world across Europe and Asia.

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The pandemic prompted a shift to songwriting.

Since his first release in 2020, Daniele has reached over 600.000 Spotify streams and explored different genres and collaborations before arriving to today's vision: a blend of what seems at first clashing influences of Opera, Soul, R&B, Pop and Electronic Music.

With his rich performative background, Daniele enters a new era of artistic exploration, creating soulful and cinematic sounds that resonate deeply, where the vocal performance and story telling always take the lead.

Rooted in the belief that music has been his daily salvation, Daniele recognises music's power to create safe environments where people can come together to connect with their emotional realm and heal.

He's dedicated to share this transformative power with listeners, wanting to become a beacon of inspiration for those wanting to engage a collective journey of self-discovery through music.

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