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Unlock The Power of
Your Voice

Are you ready to explore your vocal potential and reach new heights as a singer and performer?

I'm Daniele Alan-Carter, a versatile and passionate artist and voice coach, here to guide you on your journey to vocal excellence.


My mission is to help you uncover the uniqueness of your voice and guide you in using it effectively, whether you're performing on a renowned global stage or singing in the privacy of your shower.


Throughout my artistic journey, I've had the privilege of participating in international musical productions, including: "Romeo and Juliet" (Italy), "Le Bal Des Vampires" (France), "Royal Palace" (France), "The 12 Tenors" (World Tour), and "Oh What a Night" (Germany). I've also independently released my own music. For more details about my professional career, please click here.

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Your Journey

Embark on your voice transformation journey starting with a special

60-minute Discovery Session priced at just £30

(50% discounted by me).


During this session, we'll have the time to connect, establish your goals, craft a personalised action plan, and dive right into working on a song of your choice.

Holistic Coaching

Drawing from my experience, I'll cover mindset, techniques, repertoire, as well as guidance on release strategies, social media and content creation.

Exclusive Platform

Gain access to a private platform featuring your own profile, tailored exercises, progress notes, and a supportive community of fellow artists.

Online & In-Person

Whether you're across the globe or in London, I provide coaching in English, Italian, and French.

Direct Access

My students enjoy private access to me via WhatsApp for any questions or assistance.

Flexible Pricing, Booking & Policies

My standard rate is £65 per hour, but as an artist myself, I understand the importance of affordability. I offer discounts on package lessons and can tailor courses to accommodate various budgets.

Don't hesitate to reach out, and together, we will find

a suitable arrangement.


Picture of Beatrice Grannò
"Daniele's coaching is practical and structured, treating the voice as an instrument to be finely tuned. His method blends technique with artistic freedom, preserving my natural timbre while enhancing control and awareness. He's highly professional and prioritizes vocal health, even providing pre-concert care."

Beatrice Grannò - Actress and Singer-Songwriter


1. What is voice coaching, and who can benefit from it?

Voice coaching is a specialized training that helps individuals improve their vocal abilities. It can benefit singers, public speakers, actors, and anyone looking to enhance their vocal skills, confidence, and communication, no matter the level of expertise.


2. How do I know if I need voice coaching?

If you want to improve your voice quality, pitch accuracy, projection, or overall vocal performance, voice coaching can be beneficial. It's suitable for both beginners and experienced individuals seeking to refine their skills.


3. What can I expect from voice coaching sessions?

In voice coaching sessions, you'll receive personalised instruction tailored to your goals. Expect vocal exercises, techniques, and feedback to help you reach your full vocal potential.


4. How long does it take to see improvement in my voice?

The rate of improvement varies depending on your starting point and goals. Many students notice improvements within a few sessions, but long-term development may require consistent practice and coaching over time.


5. Can you help with stage fright or performance anxiety?

Yes, being a performer myself I can provide guidance on managing stage fright and anxiety. Techniques such as breathing exercises and relaxation methods can be part of the coaching process, as well as mindset exercises to help you approach the stage and the studio sessions differently.


6. Do I need any prior experience in singing to benefit from voice coaching?

No prior experience is required. I work with individuals of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced performers.


7. Are online voice coaching sessions effective?

Yes, online voice coaching can be highly effective. It allows for flexibility and convenience, and many coaching techniques can be adapted to virtual sessions.


8. How often should I schedule voice coaching sessions?

The frequency of sessions depends on your goals and availability. Typically, weekly or bi-weekly sessions are recommended for consistent progress, but we will create a customized plan during our first session together, keeping in mind both your goals and your budget.

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